March 5, 2007

Pavano Pleased He Doesn't Get Hurt...Again

If you were outside yesterday afternoon after the conclusion of the Yankees 10-5 win over the Phillies in a spring training game and felt a gust of wind coming from the south, it was a collective sigh of relief coming emitted from the mouths all of the fans who witnessed Carl Pavano's pitching. The good news, the Yankees won a meaningless exhibition game. The better news was the Pavano didn't get hurt or experience any discomfort. He wasn't a pitching genius in his two inning outing in which he gave up one run and issued two walks. But, he didn't fall apart either mentally or physically. This Yankee fan remains encouraged that Pavano will have a decent year in pinstripes, one in which he might win about twelve games and he won't have to have his Porsche towed away from the scene of an accident.

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