May 3, 2007

Do The Yankees Need Clemens?

A lot can happen in a month. Players who were hitting the month before can go into deep slumps, pitchers who were effective and able to record outs suddenly become very hittable. So, if it can happen to a player, then whole teams can either begin to win games, or begin to slump. Considering the Yankees awful start in April due mostly to injuries to their starting rotation, things can only get better.

Mike Mussina is back from the DL, as is Chien-Ming Wang. With Andy Pettitte, Mussina, and Wang at the top of the rotation (not necessarily in that order), and with Kei Igawa maybe pitching fourth, the Yankees should survive with a mix and match of rookies and call-ups taking turns in the number five spot. One of them may even perform well enough to earn a permanent spot in the rotation. Phil Hughes was well on his way to doing just that until he pulled a hamstring while throwing a no-hitter for 6 1/3 innings in the Yankees' 10-1 victory over the Rangers on Tuesday. Speaking of injuries, who knows, but maybe even Carl Pavano will come off the DL to pitch a game or two?

But Roger Clemens? Do the Yankees really need him? This writer thinks so. The Red sox aren't going to fall into third place like they did last year, injuries or not. The Blue jays are a better team, and even the Devil Rays play the Yankees tough. Forget complaining about money and special considerations as part of a potential deal to sign The Rocket. A man like Clemens deserves special treatment if he comes to a team because he can be a real difference maker.

This writer does not doubt that Brian Cashman has been speed dialing Clemens' Agents, the Hendricks brothers, for weeks now. But after George Steinbrenner’s last public statement about the state of the Yankees, I'm sure the Yankees will do whatever Roger wants and pay him whatever his agents have the nerve to ask for. You only want to play home games, Roger? Sure, we'll make that happen. You want twenty five million dollars for a half a season worth of work? Gulp, yeah, we'll make that deal. We'll even give you another brand new Hummer like the one we gave you when you retired three years ago.

The Yankees will do all of that and more so that they can save their season, win the World Series, please George Steinbrenner, save Torre's and Cashman's jobs, keep him away from the Red Sox at all costs, and oh yes, win one for the fans. Come back Roger, now, please.


Diana said...

I wonder how many times he is going to retire.

Great blog!

Diana <- Houston

Mr. Grudge said...

Hi Diana,
He'll be back next year looking for another $24 million from someone else for four months work. I'm glad you like my blog. I've read yours and I enjoy it very much. Great banner.