May 24, 2007

Yankees Quick Check: Taking It Day By Day

A quick and un-scientific survey of the dwindling number of Yankees fans at my place of employment on Thursday revealed that hope is still alive in Yankees Land. "Day by day, that's the only way I can take them." Reported one of the longest tenured and most stalwart of the fans I surveyed. "They looked good last night," He continued "and they blew it the night before, and the kid Clippard did great against the Mets. Let's see how they do against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim this Friday. coming up."

He said the "Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim" for dramatic effect. It was like saying "General George Patton," instead of merely "Patton." Tyler Clippard takes the mound again against the younger, more competant of the Weaver brothers for the Angels. The Yankees have a good chance in that game as no one named Mike, Moose, or Mussina will be pitching for them.

Such was the general consensus as I made my rounds, polling my co-workers. Apparently a memo went out to all Yankee fans announcing that this was supposed to be the "opinion of the day" which the Yankee's faithful must cling to, rather than jump off the bandwagon. This writer didn't get the memo. It's frightening to think what the Angels, certified Yankee-killers, will do to this team if the Yankees feel good about themsleves and think they can drop one or two games in a row. This writers cynicism about this season has grown to the point that if the Yankees do win a game, I'm under the assumption that it has more to do with the other team blowing it, rather than the skill of the Yankees. Maybe that's a terrible way to think; but, if it gets me through, one day at a time, then I'll do it. I'll be miserable.

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