November 21, 2006

Just When You Thought It Was Okay

Michael Richards has demonstrated for America once again, that people are racist, and bigotry is boiling just beneath the surface. Richard's comedy club tirade makes Mel Gibson's anti-Semitic blathering during his DWI arrest seem all the more disturbing. That celebrities of both Gibson's "A" list stature, and Richards' pop culture fame as "Kramer", can go off on a racial tear with little or no provocation makes one wonder what the rest of America is thinking.

I would have thought that men like these, who enjoy fame and fortune that many only dream of would somehow become more enlightened, or cultivated, as they climbed the ladder of success. Apparently not.

Just when you thought that maybe, just maybe things might be getting a bit better in this country, that it might be okay to think that racism isn't so prevalent, someone like Richards or Gibson reminds us that hate exists, and it isn't going to go away any time soon.

The sad part of this whole ordeal is that Mel Gibson might actually be able to resurrect his career. He's amassed a fortune from "The Passion of the Christ", and his new movie "Apocalypto" is due out soon. Will anyone care that Mel Gibson produced a movie that they want to see, or will they stick to their guns and continue to be disgusted by his anti-semitism and boycott his films? My guess is that bigotry and anti-semitism are so widespread that a man with Gibson's resources can obscure his input in future projects enough that people will overlook him. "Mel as executive producer, who cares?" You mean he hates Jews? Oh, he apologized, so what?

It's disgusting to think that Gibson can still make millions in the entertainment industry while being such a blatant anti-semite. We can't stop him from making movies, but certainly, enough decent folks can boycott his projects and not give him their money.

As for Richards, he's had it. Since "Seinfeld" he hasn't put a whole lot on his resume to impress anyone. He should be truly is sorry for his angry, racist outburst, and hope that he isn't too old for civil service work.

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