March 21, 2007

Talk About Entrepreneurs...

The great "Manny Ramirez Barbecue Auction" is barely over, and already e-Bay has sellers auctioning tee shirts memorializing, and parodying Manny's sale. None of them are particularly clever, and they seem hastily designed. But, this is America, and anything can sell for a buck or two. Just ask the folks who bring you fake vomit and plastic dog poo.

Hey, if you're as amused by Manny's barbecue as I was where I actually wrote about it, that's one thing. Also, if you're savvy enough to slap a phrase on a tee shirt to cash in on Manny's "fire sale", then God bless you. BUT, if you're stupid enough to buy a tee shirt about Manny Ramirez selling a barbecue grill, that's almost pathetic. I say almost because I'm thinking of selling boxes of Band Aids with Carl Pavano's picture on them. Order now.

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