March 5, 2007

Wrong Move, Dave

Sports Illustrated online reports in its "Truth & Rumors" section that David Wright has graciously offered to move to the outfield in case Alex Rodriguez opts out of his contract with the Yankees and somehow winds up playing for the Mets. The move by Wright would free up third base for A-Rod, should he decide that the Yankees cross-town rivals are the team for him. This writer would say that Wright's offer to play the outfield is a "rookie maneuver"; but Wright is no longer a rookie. What he is, probably, is a bit naive.

Just about every Yankees fan knows that A-Rod is licking his lips over the prospect of ejecting himself from the Yankees as his tenure in the Bronx has been nothing but a soap opera and a post-season failure. What Wright should realize is that Alex doesn't want to play third (he's a short stop at heart) and he definitely can't make it in New York. If the Mets manage to kidnap Lou Piniella from the cubs and make him their manager, fire Willie Randolph, and promise Alex that he can play shortstop, then, and only then, would Wright's offer look promising. Anything less than that, Wright shouldn't bother. By the way Dave, that was a classy and charitable suggestion.

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