May 25, 2007

Good Luck Yankees, I'm Out For the Weekend!

As if anything I do or think will have any effect on the Yankees level of play, I have to take the weekend off with my family. That means, no more crying about the Bombers in the confines of this space, and no more advice from my living room armchair for Brian Cashman and company. Of course, I'll watch the games, such as I can, while attending the many gala events I've been invited to over the course of the next three days. But, I will watch them in much the same way kids view horror movies. That is with my hands over my eyes while peeking through my fingers.

They should get through okay though, the Yankees that is. They seem to respond well to a good pitching performance by their starters of late. The lone exception would be that aging, fragile, touchy, intense, opinionated, clubhouse loner, Mike Mussina. That's another whole column right there. But, that will have to wait until Mr. Grudge returns after this glorious Memorial Day weekend.

It needs to be said, however trite this offering may be in this space, that I offer a special thank you to all of our service men and women in the United States Armed Forces fighting for our country overseas. Also, thank you to all of my readers both here and over at Gotham Baseball Magazine for making this site ever more popular.

Happy Memorial Day.

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