November 18, 2007

"Be the Blog" Award!

Be The Blog award

When I began to blog, I never imagined that I would meet so many wonderful, creative, and talented bloggers. Mike French over at "The View From Here" is one of them. Mike has honored me with the above "Be the Blog" award. The award was created by Mark from "Me and My Drum" who stated (these words are from his blog):

"Earlier this year I was tagged with the blogging tip meme in which the tip I offered was “Be the Blog“. That phrase stuck with me because I think that really sums up what a successful blogger does. And what I mean by successful is that they make it their own, stay with it, are interactive with their readers, and just plain have fun.

Since then I’ve been thinking about creating an award of my own, but with so many out there, it’s hard to find a niche that remains untapped for recognition. So I said, “What the heck?”, and decided to shape the phrase into an award called (you guessed it): Be The Blog."

To be considered a blogger who deserves this tribute, I am deeply honored. You can read Mike's Blogs "The View From Here" and "Tales From the Tree" by clicking on the links under "Friends of Mr. Grudge." Remember, that every 15 Diggs brings out a new chaper of Mike's novel "The Dandelion Tree." Break out your shovels and start digging! Thanks again, Mike.

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The Red Stone by Craig Smith said...

Hey Mike,

Congrats on the award! I know what you mean. I'm starting to get into blogging more than I thought I would. Hopefully you'll get some more awards in the future!


Mr. Grudge said...

Hi Craig,
Thank you for the kind words of congratulations. Yes, blogging has truly been rewarding for me. I find myself thinking more about my blog than my novels sometimes; though they are not necessarily separated from each other. This space has offered me the opportunity to write with regularity, and has forced me to be a better editor, as people will actually read my posts. Thanks for visiting, Craig.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the award. I'm sure they'll be rolling in over time. :-)

Teige Benson said...

I also want to offer congratulations. From what I've read so far, it's very much deserved. Keep up the good work.

Mr. Grudge said...

Hi JD,
I appreciate your congratulations, and your predictions. With my first award here, and my little movie project rolling along, and the growing number of folks who mysteriously want to read my blog, I'd say I was doing well already. Thanks for the kind words, and thanks again for being a regular supporter of this blog. -Mike

Mr. Grudge said...

Hi Teige, Thank you so much for reading my blog and for your words of congratulations. -Mike

Stephen Ingram said...

nice job mike

Kristyn said...

Congratulations on the award, if anyone deserves it, it's you!

Mr. Grudge said...

Hi Stephen,
I appreciate your support. If you look at one of my earler posts last week, I listed you as my blogging mentor. I'll talk to you soon. -Mike

Mr. Grudge said...

Hi Kristyn,
Thank you for the kind words of congratulations. Your words mean a lot to me. Thanks. -Mike.