November 14, 2007

Tagged: "Double Meme-ing"

Two blogging pals of mine tagged me with me memes this week. Whenever I’m tagged, I consider it a compliment, and I take a bit of time to respond so I can do the meme justice. First, Eng Foo Tiam over at Beautiful World tagged me with a “Double Meme” asking “What are your three things to die for, and what are your top musical picks?” Mike French over at The View from Here tagged me with “All About Me.” If you visit’s Mike’s blog, you will see that he posted a really cool video response to the meme. Today, I will post my response to footiam’s (as he calls himself in the blogging world) meme. Then, later in the week I will post Mike French’s meme.

The “Double Meme” is: “Three things to die for” and “My Top Musical Picks.”

So, what are three things Mr. Grudge would die for? First and foremost, I’d die for family. My wife and two children come before anything else, then my father, siblings, and down the line to friends. I have several acquaintances who I see every day, those at work, or folks I see in the community where I live who I wouldn’t die for; yet, I might take a few bruises or scrapes for if they were in trouble. However, as far as the guy behind the counter at the 7-11 I chat with every morning about sports, you’re on your own, buddy.

The next thing I would die for is an ideal. I’m not exactly sure which ideal it is I would hold so dearly that I’d sacrifice my life to defend it, but it sounds very noble to announce that one would die for his principles and beliefs. So, let’s just say that conceptually, for the sake of fulfilling this meme, I’d die for my ideals. In real life, if the firing squad is lined up for all of the dissidents, I’ll most likely scale over the back fence with a sack full of cash, phony identity papers, and my “good” baseball cards.

The last thing I’d die for is to be published by a reputable, honest, traditional publisher. Yes, my dream, and the focus of this blog, is for folks everywhere to be able to read the wonderful, amazing, and truly great things I write and become enamored with me, a future, famous author. “But why, Mr. Grudge, would you die for that? Wouldn’t you want to stick around and enjoy the fruits of your fame and fortune after finally realizing your dream?” My answer? Of course I would. But, with my luck, the day I sign a lucrative contract for a multi-book deal with a top publishing house, I’ll step off a curb and in front of a moving bus. So, I could very easily die for a publishing contract so my wife and kids would benefit from my life insurance, the money from the book sale, the subsequent settlement with the bus company for my wrongful death, and years of royalties as a result of my novel being on the New York Times Best Seller List for a record number of years. It’s all about my family, you know. I’d die to make a better life for my wife, my daughter, my son, and my wife’s current boyfriend. Well, maybe not her boyfriend. He can keep his job at 7-11.

Now, my top musical picks? I can’t actually point to my top musical picks per se, but I can tell you about my musical tastes. This is a fun tag as very few folks can say that they don’t like music. In fact, I am going to write a post next week on how music helps shape ones memories and keeps one connected to past events. Who doesn’t remember what song was playing when you had your first kiss, or when you first made love, or when you maybe when someone close to you died. Perhaps the song was not playing at that moment, but certainly, you had a strong, emotional reaction to whatever was playing on the radio that day, depending on your mood or the power of your experience. You’ve heard folks say things like “Oh, this song reminds me of junior high school when me and my buddies went to the movies and saw Godzilla.” You get the idea.

The reason I bring this up is because I have two musical genres I enjoy. In my high school days, I was into the music which was prevalent among my peers. We were into Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Aerosmith, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and David Bowie (I graduated high school in 1981). I’ll always have a connection to these bands because whenever I hear “Stairway to Heaven” I feel young again. I’ll always be passionate about my hard rock/art rock/ southern rock tastes.

Then, there’s the “fusion jazz” Mr. Grudge who surprises everyone. Nobody believes that I love jazz. The older fusion works of bands like The Mahavishnu Orchestra, Return to Forever and Weather Report led the way to a harder, more modern jazz, with Weather Report leading the way with the heavy use of synthesizers in their long, extended jams.

Though these bands have long since disbanded, many of their band members have gone on to have solo careers, with Al DiMeola, Jaco Pastorius, Billy Cobham, John McLaughlin, and Chick Corea going on their own to create great music. There’s nothing like cruising the Northern State Parkway with the moon roof open in my Earth un-friendly, extended Chevy Trailblazer with “Gibraltar” by Weather report blasting on my stereo. The world is a great place then.

Thanks footiam. I appreciate being tagged. Like I said, I am going to write Mike French’s tag next. I suppose now I must pass along the favor and tag someone else. I believe I’d like to know more about a certain guy named Andrew over at Andrew Ruth the blog. So, I’m tagging you, Andrew, if you’d like to participate. Andrew’s a terrific, vibrant writer who does not nearly get the amount of exposure he deserves. Check out his blog, as well as footiam’s and Mike French’s blogs. These guys are terrific writers, good blogging pals, and they all have my respect and gratitude for their kinship with this blog.

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Andrew said...

Mike! I'm happy and honored to participate. Thanks for thinking of me!

footiam said...

First of course, I would like to thank you for the comment on me. It' s kind of flattering and I can feel myself blushing! Well,about the things you'd die for - I think family is a good reason to die for. Your kins there are a lucky lot, your wife too but your wife's boyfriend at 7-ll, that's quite puzzling. Care to elaborate? You don't have to and I hope I am not trespassing. Ignore any question/s that I may pose here and there, sometimes, I am a bit of busybody. About your kind of music, I do like the idea of associating music to highlights of your life. LOoking forward to this post then!

Mr. Grudge said...

Hi Andrew, it's a pleasure to be associated with you, Andrew. It was fun reading your reply. --Grudgie.

Mr. Grudge said...

Hi Footiam,
Thanks again for the tag and I hope you found it fulfilled the requirements. I also hope my response to you last night was satisfying. Indeed, I write fiction, and I try to weave a little of it into whatever I do. Hey, it wasn't the strongest joke I attempted, but I thought it was obvious I was kidding about my wife having a boyfriend who happened to be the same guy I talk to at 7-11 every morning before work. In much the same way I don't think I'll have to escape from a firing squad one day, or believe I'll land a book deal and then die under a city bus, I hoped the reader would know that I was kidding about that. Talk to you soon, footiam. -Mike

Mike French said...

Great stuff Mike!

Where we are the same:

I love Pink Floyd

I would die to get published: God the urge is so strong, must fight it before it takes over me!

Use of humour: which can include fictional boyfriend for my wife

Where was differ:

My wife's boyfriend doesn't work at 7-11

Anonymous said...

Thanks for passing the double-meme onto Andrew. He in turn passed it onto me. My response is my latest post. It was a challenge. :-) Peace.

Mr. Grudge said...

Hi Mike, Pink Floyd is awesome, and I am glad that you "got it" about my wife's fictional boyfriend. Some people actually thought it was real. Oops. Great comment, Mike.

Mr. Grudge said...

Hi JD,
I saw your response and I will post a comment there. I wish I'd have known that you and Andrew were going to raise the bar so high. Now I want a do-over. -Mike