December 10, 2007

Awards: Friendship & Useful Blogger

My friend J.D., the author of The Uneasy Supplicant has presented me with the two great awards: The Colors of Friendship and The Totally Useful Blogger. In the blogging world, there aren't too many folks who can claim to be friends; but, J.D. has been a supporter of Mr. Grudge almost since its inception as a writer's blog a few months ago, and he can claim to be a friend of this blog. I can ask J.D. a question and he'll get right back to me with a response. My door is open to him as well. J.D. knows that writers, bloggers, and artists who post on the internet form a neighborhood, and with that there should be present a standard of honesty and integrity. That is why other's have seen fit to award him these very honors which he generously passed on to me. Thank you, J.D., a blogging friend.


josey said...

congrats, mike!!

btw, i like your little headline at the top for recent posts and such. that's a great idea!! =D

Mr. Grudge said...

Hi Josey,
Thanks you. JD is a great guy and I love the awards. I think my headline feature is pretty cool too. This is something I always wanted and I hunted around until I found the perfect template to fill my needs. Thanks Josey, I appreciate the compliment. -Mike.

Anonymous said...

As stated you deserve these awards! I am flattered by your kind words. And I do know quality ... keep up the great work on your site. Love it.

Mr. Grudge said...

Hi JD,
Thanks again. As far as the site in concerned, I try my best at my writing, hoping to learn as I go. But, the design and layout is done, for now. I believe I have the standard layout I want; but the colors can always be played with. I appreciate the support and friendship. -Mike.

Spirit said...

Aww that's wonderful. From what few things I can tell from your writing and your comments it sounds like you deserve these. Congratulations!

Mr. Grudge said...

Hi Spirit,
Thanks for your support. If it wasn't for nice folks such as yourself visiting my blog, all of this would be for naught. Also, I pride myself on offering thoughtful responses to the individuals who leave their comments here. I enjoy the interaction, and everyone who comments on one of my posts deserves a response. I try hard to visit their blogs and comment too. Thanks again, Spirit. Happy Holidays. -Mike.