February 21, 2007

Let The A-Rod/Jeter Issue Zimmer Down

MLB.com reports that Don Zimmer has jumped into the Alex Rodriguez/Derek Jeter "friendship" issue stating: "They're making [Jeter] out to be the bad guy," Zimmer said. "What has he done wrong? Like I say, if A-Rod hits a home run tomorrow, Jeter will be on the top step, the first guy shaking his hand. What do you want [Jeter] to do, put his arm around him and kiss him?"

This writer does not know (or care) if Don Zimmer was approached by members of the media for his opinion, or if he felt compelled to defend Derek in this ridiculous soap opera down in Tampa. Zimmer may or may not be able to help him, but the last time Zimmer jumped in to offer his opinion on a matter, Pedro Martinez grabbed him by the head and tossed him to the ground at Fenway Park.

If reporters need to dust off Don Zimmer for his opinion on essentially a disagreement between two men, then things are truly slow in Baseball Land. As an avid baseball fan who will run through a blizzard to get the newspaper at the end of the driveway in shorts and a tee shirt just to scan the Sports section for baseball news, journalists would be doing their readers a greater service if they would offer scouting reports, or do features on new players such as Kei Igawa instead of writing gossip columns. If reporters still felt the need to report that A-Rod and Derek still haven't kissed and made up, they can tell us that tid-bit of information in a short paragraph.

Tomorrow morning when I retrieve the newspaper from the end of my driveway (my newspaper delivery guy has a weak left arm) I'd love to read some actual articles on baseball...NOT more non-news from spring training that Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter won't share their toys in the sandbox anymore. Enough already.

Finished "Mr. Grudge II" Image

Here you go Stephen. Your finished artwork has been published on the prestigious "Mr. Grudge" blog. I know it's supposed to be me; but...I don't know. I mean, where's the inter-locking "NY" in white lettering on the baseball cap?

I like the drawing. One of my co-workers says it doesn't look like me. The glasses belong to Elton John and the mustache makes me look like the "Brawny Paper Towel" man. But, it's a caricature, right? However, I'm flattered enough to post it here. Thank you. In return, maybe one day I'll write a short piece about you. Brace yourself.

The End Of An Era?

MLB.com reports that Bernie Williams refused the Yankees invitation to Spring Training. In much the same way an ailing man prays for a new heart, meaning someone has to die in order for him to be saved, Bernie is home in Westchester staying in shape hoping that he can replace an injured position player during the regular season. Talk about a spoiled sport. I'd have more respect for him if he went ahead and signed with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and smacked homers off of Carl Pavano when the Yankees came to town. Instead, he's at home moping around waiting for Hideki Matsui to break his other wrist. How pathetic.

The Yankees owe millionaire Bernie Williams NOTHING. They paid him well during his tenure in pinstripes and now his time is up. He knew last year when the Yankees paid him over one million dollars to be a part time player that his baseball days were nearly over; and now he's acting like he's twenty five years old again and he deserves to be out there.

Bernie should have accepted the Yankees offer of a minor league contract, showed some class and reported to spring training, and then gracefully bow out when the team breaks camp and heads north. Sorry Bernie, nobody stays young forever. If you're unhappy about the way you're being treated, then let me tell you about my last day in uniform when I was forced to turn in my shield due to an injury and then figure out how to raise my family on a police officer's pension. Go ahead and record your music, buy another mansion and quit whimpering already.

The only thing saving Bernie is the other soap opera occurring daily in the Yankee's camp. That one being the one between A-Rod and Jeter. My goodness, you'd think they were married. The only thing worse than Alex bringing this up the other day is all of the other reporters asking both him and Derek about their relationship...constantly. Really folks, who cares?

In eight days, the Yankees begin their exhibition games without Bernie. Maybe, just maybe then may we get some baseball analysis coming out of Tampa. Also, maybe Bernie will recognize the opportunity he missed when he pulled a hissy fit and stayed home in his mansion while others were out there hustling to make the team. Here's to everyone on the Yankees staying healthy for the entire season; and to Bernie for a brilliant career. Only, this time, stay home. I don't want to see you come back if someone has to break a bone for you to do so.