February 15, 2008

You’re as Young as You Aren’t

In spite of all of the gleeful optimism about youth and feeling young, no one accounts for emotions changing with age. The way one thinks is often directly hard wired to the body whether we accept that or not. Now in my forties (gulp) I no longer hop out of bed and begin my day with a reasonable amount of energy. I find myself opting for a quiet evening alone with my family rather than a jubilant night out partying with my wife and our friends. My body aches the next day after doing a lot of yard work, and that is after taking huge steps over the last year to get healthy and thin again. My point? You can’t stop aging and time.

You’re never as young as you think you are. I sailed through my twenties like a person who never had to look at his watch. My thirties brought huge change in my life as I became a family man. One marriage and two children later, I am a guy who was at the pointed end of a remark made by a co-worker the other day who observed: “Wow, you’re going gray.” That’s it. I’m officially middle aged. Not that I am surprised; it was bound to happen if I lived long enough. But, I no longer believe that “you’re as young as you feel.” If a ninety year old man feels like a seventeen year old, does that make him a teenager? How long does that last when he has the heart of a young adult but the prostate of a man almost a century old? My new philosophy is you’re as old as you are. There’s nothing wrong with that; but it took me almost four years to stop panicking about it, yet I can’t say I am entirely comfortable either.

Some guys go off the deep end when they have their mid-life crisis. They have affairs, buy sports cars, go on safaris and take up sky diving. I never did any of that; but I did have a bit of a crisis of identity. What have I accomplished? Where did I fail in life that I am not wealthy and don’t have homes all over the country? Perhaps these questions were immature, or silly; but, there are rich people in the world with houses in exotic locales. I'm just not one of them. In the end, I know what I did or did not do to get where I am; or, from the other side of the spectrum, to where I am not. My focus has shifted now to my children as they mature and need guidance in their futures. It’s no longer about me, and I cannot feel selfish anymore and lament about getting old. Am I as young as I feel? Do I really need to be twenty five years old again? What I need to do is grow up, if I haven’t done so already.

A while back, my wife and I took the kids to a family restaurant near our home. This is a barbeque style place with big plates of food and a gimmick where everyone can choose to watch different, big screen televisions hanging on the walls. The scheme is aimed at entertaining the kids, and we decided to go along with the idea for the night because our children asked to go there. It was fun, and settling into my accepted daddy role, I enjoyed eating with the family and I had no urge to go mountain climbing or ride all-terrain vehicles cross country.

We finished dinner and then climbed into the family car to pick up ice cream and then go home. A brand new Ford Mustang pulled into the spot next to us and a couple the same age as my wife and I stepped out. The man had a full head of gray hair, was wearing a sporty leather jacket, and looked like he was sucking in his gut. Along for the ride were two teenagers struggling to emerge from the backseat of the two door vehicle. We both watched as I had to wait for the kids to be clear of my car before I could pull out.

“Somebody’s having a midlife crisis,” I said, with a discreet finger aimed at the husband. “Look at that car.”

“I would say so,” my wife replied. “You’d think he’d at least get something with four doors.”

We both laughed, and I was finally able to put our sedan in reverse and then out of the parking lot to the main road.

“Think of the money he spent on that Mustang, and it looks like his children will be going to college soon.” I said. Then I turned to my wife. “You know, I had a midlife crisis, and all I bought were some stereo speakers and a new DVD player for the den.”

She looked at me and smiled. “At those prices, you can have one once a month, honey.”

You know, I’ve felt fine since then. I haven’t had a midlife crisis once a month as she jokingly allowed me to that evening. But, it’d be a nice excuse as my laptop is getting a bit slow and I need a reason to blow a wad of cash on a new one. But, I’m older and more mature now, less impulsive, and I can’t afford a Mustang. Not with two kids who will go away to college soon.

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Paul Burman said...

Definitely something I can relate to, and a fine piece of writing too. Working with 17 and 18 year olds, who are very adept at making a person feel old (even if that person is only ten years older than them, let alone thirty-odd) has hardened me against the notion of age. It's all relative. Some people seem old when they're young, and some remain young in spirit all their life. Is this a matter of retaining an enquiring mind and a sense of fun---regardless of whether you have to walk with a Zimmer frame or not?

A couple of years back, a student asked me if all the talk about her 18th birthday celebrations made me feel old, and I had to point out that I was, in fact, younger than her ... on the basis that I had considerably more experience of being young than she did. It didn't take too much of a leap of sophistry to point out that my second 18th birthday party, aged 36, was better than the first, because I better knew how to have fun, and that I was planning on making my third 18th even better again!

Yep, sophistry, I know, but it gave both of us something to think about.

Swubird said...

Mr. Grudge:

Good going. You said exactly what we all feel. It's weird. As we get older, our minds seem to say young. I look out upon the world with youthfully clear eyes. I don't see my wrinkled old self. That's why looking in the mirror is such a shocker! Is that me? It also explains why so many of us get into trouble when we do things we shouldn't do - lift - run - fight - temper tantrums - party! We have to stay cool, so to speak. Otherwise, there could be consequences. So you've nailed it my friend. Nice essay.

By the way, I saw the image of your blog's home page on the right side bar of The View From Here. Major kudos!

Have a nice day, and be careful.

scott said...

I am 62 and my youngest dtr. is 22. She always used to say to me when she was in grade school that I was the oldest parent in the parent teacher meetings. (She was almost put out with me) Now she wishes I was younger because a lot of her college friends have fathers in their 40s and she wants me around longer which I find a nice thing. I still feel like my college days - oh the sixties! But when I look in the mirror Wow!!! I can't believe it. I look like my father and we didn't get along all that much. Being a musician and a writer and a speaker helps me but the wierdness of getting old is something. I loved your comments. It obviously got me thinking.

scott said...

weirdness . . . sorry

elaine said...

I am in my early twenties and sometimes I am wondering what would I be like when I hit 40's. Does life really begins at 40? I guess I will figure out all these things when I arrive at that point in my life. :) Stay happy!

Jim Murdoch said...

At the moment I'm nuzzling up to fifty and I suppose I'm going through a mid-life crisis for want of a better expression. I think of it more as a taking stock of what I've achieved up till this point and looking at the time left to see what can reasonably be fitted in. Like you, from the sound of it, I've done the right thing, got up at the crack of dawn, done a day's work and a half, paid the bills on time and kept society happy. Now I find myself with a drawer-full of writing that I've never taken the time to do anything with and I've realised that if I'm going to get this out there then now's the time to do it. I'm actually sacrificing that Mustang you were on about (or whatever the hell the Scottish equivalent might be these days) but it's still doing what I want for once and not what's expected of me. That said, the kids have grown and flown and earn more money than I ever did so they're taken care of and we have enough coming in to pay the bills so I can't say I'm being reckless. It certainly must be the most subdued mid-life crisis on record.

Bob Johnson said...

Hey Mike, good stuff, I think I'm still going through it, midlife that is, I soo want a yellow Mustang, they sound so mean, like me,lol.

Overall no regrets, no I'm not getting that Mustang....opted for the big scopes instead, keeps me from thinking how old I am, afterall compared to the universe's age of 15 billion, I'm just a pup.

Great post Mike.

Mr. Grudge said...

Hi Paul,
Well done, explaining to the young people whom you work with that with age comes experience; and, without any sophistry on my part, your answer was smart, as well. You made her think, and you did so in a fun way, which is how we "older folks" should teach the young ones. I work as an IT administrator in a college here on Long Island, NY, in the US. Nothing alerts me to a "generation gap" as when I overhear students talk about living with their parents or borrowing Dad's car. They all look like high school kids to me, and I think I am supposed to still feel like I am their age. Obviously I am not. Hence, this article.
I suppose you are right when you pose the argument that retaining an enquiring mind and a sense of fun are important ingredients to staying youthful. Perhaps I am cynical, and I need to reverse that. As for the Zimmer frame, you had me there. I needed to look it up, my friend. Here, they are called "walkers." However, your point is well taken, and I love hearing new terms and phrases from others writers and friendly folks who visit here. The exchange of comments and ideas is welcome and necessary for my writing and blogging process. Here's to both of use remaining young, curious, and enjoying ourselves and our families and friends. Thank you Paul. Cheers! Have a terrific weekend. -Mike.

Mr. Grudge said...

Hi Swubird, Thanks for agreeing with me. I hear what you are saying about looking and the mirror and not recognizing yourslef. Imagine my shock when my coworker looked at me and pointed out that I was going gray. I knew I was going gray, but her comment was rude and I always secretly felt that my hair color was a matter between me and my bathroom mirror. She felt foolish and kept saying that the graying at my temples made me look distinguished, but I think she distinguished herself as an ass. Thanks for the kind comment, and I am glad you found Mike French's Blog. He's got a lot going on over at The View From Here, and from my perspective, he's going places. Have a terrific weekend, and thanks for reading. -Mike.

Mr. Grudge said...

Hi Scott, It seems I struck a nerve with mostly men with this piece. I sort of expected the ladies to chime in too. I am sorry about the situation with your daughter when she was younger. But, now it seems she wants you around a bit longer, eh? Girls can be very sweet on their dads, though they torment us when they are in their teens. I too didn't always have a rosy relationship with my dad. He's a lot older than me as well. I am the fifth child out of six, and Dad is now 82 years old to my 44. He was looking forward to retiring as I was getting ready for college. But, he is still sharp as a tack, does as much as he can around the house (his health is failiing due to diabetes) but he reads all the time and dotes on his grandchildren. Is he young? No, but I do not think he belives he is really 82. I suppose age is nothing more than a physical condition. We all have spiritis and they will live on in spite of the eventual failing of our bodies. Thank you so much for stopping by, Scott, it was a pleasure making your acquaintance. -Mike

Mr. Grudge said...

Hi Elaine,
You're too young to think about 40! Live your life and have fun. But, if you want my advice, save for the future too. What you do now defintely affects how you will be living when you reach my age. The "twenties" are the "foundation years." You need to build your life to have a stable future. When you do turn forty, then you can really have fun and be happy. But, you're doing that now aren't you? Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope I made sense. Have a great weekend! -Mike.

Kathy said...

Great story, Mike. You always get me thinking. And here I try not to use my brain on the weekends!

I'm in my early 40s and I feel like I'm still in my 20s. There is one big reason for that -- I don't have children. That's not to say you feel older because you have children (although I'm sure many parents would say kids do that to you).

What I mean is that when you don't have children, you don't have certain worries or gigantic things to plan for them. That's a huge weight of responsibility I don't have, and that makes me sort of feel stuck in another age bracket. It's not good. It's not bad. It's just different. I'm not doing what my friends with children are doing, so there's a difference of focus, more like that of a twentysomething person starting out in a career, married, but yet to begin a family. Except in my case, I won't be starting one. I don't know. Ask me when I'm 70 how I feel.

I'm not sure if I explained that very well. But, see, I told you my brain shuts down on the weekends!

Mr. Grudge said...

Hi Jim,
It sounds to me like you've come to terms with your life and are enjoying things which you may not have had either the time or inclination to do while you were raising your children. The fact that your children "have grown and flown and earn more money than I ever did so they're taken care of..." shows that you've done a terrifc job as a dad. You deserve to live comfortably. Take your writing out of your drawer and polish it off and keep at it, man! I've just discovered your site and I am anxious to keep reading. Thanks for coming by leaving such a thoughtful and personal comment. It is deeply appreciated and welcome. Cheers! -Mike.

Mr. Grudge said...

Hi Bob,
You puppy dog you. Let me say that I really needed a laugh and you gave it to me. In terms of the entire universe,I guess we are all just mere tadpoles, aren't we? I love your line that you're just a pup comapred to the 15 billion year old universe. Is there a race of super-aliens out there who've figured out how to manipulate space-time and look at us and describe how old we are in "universe years?" ("Hey that human is 44 years old. That makes him .00000567th of a second in universe years). Like I said, I laughed when I read your comment. Oh, and by the way, Bob, I've seen your blog, and while it's essential that you have the necessary equiptment to perform your duties as a photographer/astronomer properly, you still need a handsome, yellow, Ford Mustang to cart all of that stuff around, don't you? Go buy the *@#%^&! car already! Hahaha. Thanks Bob. -Mike.

Mr. Grudge said...

Kathy, I don't think having kids has much to do with how old you feel, though my kids make me age exponentially to the power of ten every time I ask the to do something like pick their coats up off the floor or don't burn down their rooms and I get "that look." I want to explode. Oh, I had a point. Yes, your life is your own and everything is relative to who you are as a person. My article applies whether you have no children or two spoiled brats who do not realize how good they have it and how hard their parents work to get them their iPods and Coach bags, Hollister clothes, and LaCrosse gear, and they want more and more and more and they'll whine and complain when they don't get it. Wait, what was I saying? That's right. Kids or no kids, one should be able to take away the concept that as we get older, my kids are going to regret ever being born if they don't knock off it off with the Nerf dart guns and get the &%$#@*^! away from me as I am trying to write as I warned them not two minutes ago. Forget it. You're young Kathy. If you want kids, take mine. They're available for purchase, lease, or temporary loan. Lease to buy, or whatever you want. But, if you do take my children, please, remember to always look in the oven before you turn it on. Fireman don't like to be called to put out flaming GI Joes. Have a good weekend. Bail me out of jail. -Mike.

KristynMarie said...

I wonder if women are subject to the mid-life crisis? We hear about men having them, but never women. I've always wanted a mustang, though when I had the opportunity to get one I opted for a car with more leg room and less racing stripe. :D

I'm almost 30 and I think it's causing me an identity crisis! I know 30's not really mid-life, but it's huge for me!

Another great post, Mike! You certainly made me think!

Very best,

Kathy said...

Oh, Mike, you make me laugh, you do. That was, by far, the most hilarious response to a comment in the history of blogging. Shoulda, coulda been a post. Thanks for the chuckle.

Oh, and your kids would love me. I'm not mom material, but I make an excellent aunt or babysitter. Although, I would spoil your kids beyond belief and then you'd hate me because all you'd hear afterwards is "Where's that cool lady who gave us everything we asked for?"

Anonymous said...

Oh boy...reading that post as I struggle not to bend my fingers too much (because they hurt from working last night) just had to make me smile. I'm sitting here with aching knees and back and I have to concur. Our bodies betray our minds. My midlife crisis? Graduated with a black belt in Karate and had a tattoo done up with the other graduates to commemorate the occasion.
Excellent post Mike. Hope everyone is feeling better soon.
Take care.

Windyridge said...

I just turned 49 and I am a woman. I am quite content with what I have with few regrets. I am pretty much where I want to be. I do sometimes fear the possibility of not being able to take care of myself one day and/or getting sick. I never used to think about my health and that sort of thing so I guess that is a part of being in your 40's. I also now understand why older people are always complaining about their health and are often so crochety! Their body's hurt! The part about midlife that bothers me the most are the aches and pains and the memory issues. Just ask my kids about that! But what I love about being 49 is the knowledge I have acquired and the self confidence, and knowing how to enjoy my life and having the means to do it. Also not giving two hoots what anybody thinks is a sort of freedom one usually doesn't have in their youth. I have nothing to prove. It does bother me what our society thinks of older people. That they are not cherished the way they are in other countries and I worry about being able to afford health care down the road because of the disasterous situation in this country. But all in all life is really good at 49.

Windyridge said...

Oh but I forgot something that drives me crazy! My eyes! I hate wearing reading glasses. I always lose them, so they hang around my neck like a sterotypical old lady. It seems as if both my husband and I are always looking for our glasses. It's very hard to get used to not being able to see close things. I've had 9 years of practice and still can't get it right!

AntiBarbie said...

You are a wise man Mike. There are far too many people who don't seem to get that once you have kids, it's not about *you* anymore.

I'm glad we aren't as old as we feel... otherwise I'd be a hundred and five right about now! ;)

Mr. Grudge said...

Hi Kristyn!
I'm almost 30 and I think it's causing me an identity crisis! I know 30's not really mid-life, but it's huge for me!

You're almost thirty? You young person, you! However, I remember when I turned thirty about seventy two years ago. It is a big deal. Men have childish mid-life crisis-es (is that a word?), women get young boyfriends, or so I am told. By the way, go get yourself that Mustang, young lady, while you're still young enough to have one. If you don't you'll have to wait until your husband pulls into the driveway one day in one when he's forty five and you have to ask to borrow it when he's watching football with his buddies. That's all in good fun. Thanks for the insightful comment. -Mike.

Mr. Grudge said...

Hi Kathy
Okay, you're the funny one, not me. Oh, and I would love to send the kiddies to you for a week or two, even though you stand ready to spoil the, They are evil children, Kathy. They fooled their grandparents for their entire lives having them believe their such sweet kids when they are devils! They will hook you too, and when we grudgingly take them home again after a court ruling in your favor, we'll have to endure comments like "But Aunt Kathy let's us eat ice cream for dinner, why don't you?" Yeah, thanks, Kathy. You see? You'll be sucked into their plan to kill me and my wife and you won't even know it because they are evil! Evil, I tell you! I have to go, my son is in bed and he wants me to get him some ice cream. Bye for now. -Mike.

Mr. Grudge said...

Hi JD,
The aches and pains I can relate to (what sort of work do you do?), getting the black belt is a health and exercise issue, and that just makes plain, old good sense (congratulations!), but the tattoo? Yeah, that's a mid-life crisis item. Sorry, lol. Hey, I want a tattoo..I want one of a guy twenty years younger than me all over my body. Thanks JD, I'll talk to you soon. -Mike

Mr. Grudge said...

Hi Windy Ridge,
"But all in all life is really good at 49."

Now that's the spirit! I am a mere five years away from 49 and I hope i have the attitude you have. Thanks for reading my post and leaving your thoughtful comment. -Mike

Mr. Grudge said...

P.S. Windyridge,
Yes, my eyes are going too. I have to wear "Progressive" lenses in my glasses. Thanks for sharing. -Mike.

Mr. Grudge said...

Hi Antibarbie,
"There are far too many people who don't seem to get that once you have kids, it's not about *you* anymore.

You got that right. My wife and I consider it our duty to put them first. If not, why did we bother having kids anyway? Oh, your comment:

"I'm glad we aren't as old as we feel... otherwise I'd be a hundred and five right about now! ;) Very funny. Thanks, Antibarbie. -Mike

Kristyn said...

"Men have childish mid-life crisis-es (is that a word?), women get young boyfriends, or so I am told."

You know, I think there's more truth to that than many of us would like to believe. I have a friend who divorced her husband and married a much younger man when she was 30 years old. So, maybe we do get younger boyfriends... but, it's not my style. I'll probably just change my blogs theme again! :P

Mike French said...

Man I always seem to get in here late.

Maybe it's an age thing!

And a "walker" in England is a device to help a baby learn how to walk!

Anyway, great post M2, I'm 40 now and I've realised that time is a scary thing.
It doesn't wait for you to grow up. Just races on and before you know it your "middle" aged and still a kid.

Not fair!

Mid-life crisis? Yes, but got out the other side alive.

Now if I can just work out what I want to do in life! When I was young I carried on studying instead when I couldn't decide, but I'm a bit young now to go to University again.

Banker, Engineer, writer, blogger what next I wonder?

1st Lady said...

"If a ninety year old man feels like a seventeen year old, does that make him a teenager?"

No, that makes him a pervert.

Sorry Mike, had to say it, HAD to say it.

GO! Smell the flowers said...

LOL First lady...

Hey Mikes (s) your post triggered us both to read the Dissederata poster hanging here in our Dubai appartment where one verse sticks out:

'Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrending the things of youth'

What other option do we have? ;-)

Tennis anybody?

Mike French said...

Mixed doubles Flowers?

Mr. Grudge said...

Hi Kristyn,
I've noticed you've been changing your themes a lot. Does that mean you're having a "young-life crisis?"

Mr. Grudge said...

Hello M1,
"Banker, Engineer, writer, blogger what next I wonder?"

I have the answer for you mate: Police Man! Hey, I did it, now it is YOUR turn, lol. Thanks for the comment, Mike. Always a good answer from you, buddy. -Mike.

Mr. Grudge said...

Hello 1st Lady,
"No, that makes him a pervert.
Sorry Mike, had to say it, HAD to say it."

Say it, definitely say it! Ha ha ha, I laughed out loud. Very funny. Thank you for the laugh. I appreciate it. -Mike

Mr. Grudge said...

Hello Go! Smell the Flowers!,
"Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth"

Very wise, indeed. But, many men my age do not shed the things of youth and go out and buy impulse items like Ford Mustangs, lol. Oh, well. The old saying I like is "You're only young once, but immaturity can last a lifetime."

Tennis? Some other time my friends. Baseball season is right around the corner. It's spring training already!

Thanks for reading, I appreciate it. -Mike

Mr. Grudge said...

Hi M1,
Mixed Flowers doubles? Tennis is fine, but with the twenty Flowers founders and the new Flower Smellers, there's plenty for a couple of baseball teams with a few bench players. It's spring training, mate. Opening Day is coming soon! He he. Thanks M1. -Mike

GO! Smell the flowers said...

LOL Mike 1&2!

More flower smellers heading in lots speaking highly of your Mr Grudge and its wesome having you on board...

Watch that French fella though - he's a knack of capturing people on film...mid life or not and now, not even the flower smellers are safe...

Bwwaaa a aaa aa (evil laugh)

Right, off to by a penis extension of a car - that's norml, right?

Joe said...

Been there, done that. I'm 42 only years old, and my wife remarked the other day about how gray my hair is becoming. I just shrugged. I have a wife, five kids (all girls)3 cats, a dog, and one grandchild. I have earned each and every one of these gray hairs, and I intend to display them proudly

Kimchihead said...

You're absolutely right! You're as old as you are. And I'm not far behind you. ;-)

Mike French said...

Baseball? Do you mean "rounders" which in GB is a girls game.

I'm running




I'm going to
a Policeman

Mr. Grudge said...

Hi Flowers, right on about Mr. French. I think I'm on to the fella. I'll be very wary, indeed. As for the penis extension of a car...my wifey always say about middle aged guys in sports cars "he's driving his penis." lol. Thanks Flowers!

Mr. Grudge said...

Hi Joe,
"I have earned each and every one of these gray hairs, and I intend to display them proudly.

You got that right. With 5 girls, you are definitely father of the year material. I only have two kids and I hve the nerve to complain? I've been reading PD warrior and i think you're doing good work. Thank you so much for visiting here and posting a cooment. Great to have you on board and I look forward to more posts on your blog. -Mike.

Mr. Grudge said...

Hi Kimchihead,

"You're absolutely right! You're as old as you are. And I'm not far behind you. ;-)

Now that's just the sort of gritty realism I expect from a hard-boiled writer such as you, my friend. Thanks for the support...Mike.

Mr. Grudge said...

Hi Mike (M1) or "Officer French"

Baseball? Do you mean "rounders" which in GB is a girls game.

Don't get me started on the history of baseball, mate! I'll bore you to death! Really, I'll do it!

"Don't hit me, I'm going to be a police man... LOL! Too funny Mike 1!

elaine said...

Hi Mike, thanks for the good piece of advice. I will remember that. :)

Mr. Grudge said...

Hi Elaine,
You're welcome. Thanks again for reading this piece. -Mike

josey said...

i know i'm nearly a month behind, but i just HAD to comment here :)

first, i enjoyed reading the comments and your responses to them just as much as this brilliant post, mike! my fave thought of yours is in your response to Scott, “I suppose age is nothing more than a physical condition. We all have spirits and they will live on in spite of the eventual failing of our bodies.” oh how true. that just wraps up all the different views on aging and attitude into one simple truth. gotta love it!

your post presented a view i hadnt much thought of, either. i'm in my early 30s, and i dont think so much about getting old...but i do worry (too much) about even getting there! seems like so many young folks are getting terminally ill these days and it's so sad. i definitely wanna be an old fart one of these days. LOL. heck i have gray sprinkled all throughout my hair (i call it tinsel! haha!) but i dont color it. who cares! and my hubby's 5 years older...and has been fully gray since i met him over 5 years ago. hopefully that will ease his mid-life crisis! and he's a puter nerd, so if all he needs is a souped-up laptop, i'll be all for it! hehe!

and i am still chuckling about your responses to kathy. LOL. i do have to say i'm even a tad bit envious, as i'd do most anything to have the responsibility of being a parent right now. yes, maybe even leasing your evil children! ;) so stinkin funny!!

anyhoo, i super appreciated your views in this post. obviously once we hit the big 3-0 aging starts entering our minds. its comforting to hear a mature, realistic (but not insensitive!) view on the topic.

now about that mustang...;) (i've wanted one since i was a little girl!!! my dad bought one from a junkyard when i was 8 and rebuilt it, painted it a sparkling midnight blue...we used it as our "sunday drive" car for years. i was so in love with the leather bucket seats and the cool steering wheel. when i was about 14 he sold it to a girl at my high school and she totaled it within a month!! i had my heart set on it being my 16th bday gift!! WAAHHHHH! such a sad sad story!)

Mr. Grudge said...

Hi Josey,
"i do have to say i'm even a tad bit envious, as i'd do most anything to have the responsibility of being a parent right now. yes, maybe even leasing your evil children! ;)"

You want to lease them? They're free! lol, Thanks Josey!

Okay, for real...you can lease them for $150,000 a year...each...lol.