November 20, 2012

New Novel, The Daddy Rock, by Michael J. Kannengieser

The Daddy Rock
Michael J. Kannengieser

Decent Hill is proud to present retired NYPD cop Michael J. Kannengieser, New York native and author of the new police thriller The Daddy Rock ($19.95 Paperback 978-1-936085-63-7; $9.95 eBook 978-1-936085-64-4). The Daddy Rock is a gripping tale of adventure, crime, rage, family drama, and the human capacity to cope and forgive. Told in a vivid, descriptive, and readable style, Michael takes the reader on an exhilarating ride in this human police story with sympathetic, well-developed characters that will keep the reader turning the pages well into the night.

The Daddy Rock is available now!
Paperback $19.95

November 3, 2012

My new novel, The Daddy Rock, is available at AmazonBarnes & Noble, and at my publisher's website, Decent Hill Publishing

Retired NYPD cops Roger and Danny are caught in a crossfire by previously incarcerated 
gang members who are now out for revenge. Roger must also deal with ghosts of his past as 
a previously unknown daughter of his, Bonnie, surfaces seeking help. 

Roger must help Danny apprehend the men out to kill them, and he must come to Bonnie’s
aid so she may live in this brand new, thrilling police drama by author Michael Kannengieser.