August 19, 2013

ANNOUNCEMENT: New Supernatural Police Thriller, "Burning Blue" Due in Early November

I am excited to announce that this past Friday, I singed a contract with my amazing publisher, Decent Hill Publishers, for my second novel, "Burning Blue." This is a story that is very different from my first book and I hope all of you enjoy it when it is released in early November. In summary: "Jack Chase is a cop who betrayed his badge when he took money from a drug dealer, named Munoz. Only his late father’s legacy as a department chaplain might prevent him from being prosecuted. When Jack is shot in the line of duty, he has a near-death experience. Yet, he does not see deceased loved ones or Pearly Gates -- he goes to Hell. When Jack awakens, the woman he loves, Terry, discovers his crime and leaves him. Jack is haunted by images of Hell and demons taunt him in both his dreams and while he is awake. He knows from his father’s sermons that redemption is the only way to escape damnation, but he is afraid to confess his sins or go to jail. Not only must he escape the nightmarish images that haunt him, he must make Terry trust him again and bring her back. His only friend, Danny, devises a plan to help him avoid jail and hide him from Munoz. Will Jack be able to save his soul, and his life, and reunite with his only love?" Many of you have read and enjoyed "The Daddy Rock." My latest book is full of action and surprises and even a visit to Hell. Thank you all for your support and I hope you continue to read my work.

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